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During the cold season, household energy bills tend to skyrocket. The cost of operating a central heating unit can be extremely burdensome. So what are the alternatives?

There are better options that are efficient and keep you warm and comfortable through the cold months without having to pay too much money on energy–portable electric heaters.

Electric heaters are an easy way to add cozy warmth and comfort to any area of your home that requires additional heat. Choose either electric fireplace heaters or electric space heaters. Safe and stylish, these heaters can help you save on energy bills significantly. Electric heat is safer, eco-friendly and requires less maintenance than other fuels such as gasoline, wood, or charcoal.

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace heater is great for both the bedroom or living room. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a fireplace. With a fireplace heater, you can easily create a beautiful faux fire without the hassle of burning ash and buying wood or cleaning out a fireplace. A fireplace heater lets you fill your home with a mesmerizing soft glow as well as adding beautiful decor to your living room that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Electric fireplaces offer great versatility; operate with or without heat, plug in a wall outlet anywhere in your home or apartment.

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles, materials and finishes to suit just about any home decor. Here’s an overview of the most popular types:

Electric Fireplace Stove
Electric Fireplace Stoves: Compact and portable, these fireplaces add a charm reminiscent of the old-fashioned wood stoves of the past, and they come in a variety of designs to complement any decor. Simply plug it into any standard household electric outlet and operate. Require no venting.

Corner Mantel Electric Fireplace
Corner Mantel Electric Fireplaces: A great choice if you have limited space. Corner electric fireplaces come in a range of finishes and add instant ambiance and heat to your home by dressing up an empty corner with a stylish corner mantel. Require no venting.

Mantel Electric Fireplace
Mantel Electric Fireplaces: Make a statement in any room – as a focal point or accent, mantel electric fireplaces are full-sized models designed to fully simulate traditional wood burning fireplaces but without any venting. These fireplaces come with a mantel as well as a firebox or insert that produces the flames and heat.

Media Console Electric Fireplace
Media Console Electric Fireplaces: The all-in-one solution – the romantic and relaxing atmosphere of an electric fireplace brilliantly merged with an attractive home decor for your flat panel TV. Like other electric fireplaces, media console electric fireplaces do not have to be vented and can be plugged into any standard household electric outlet.

Electric Fireplace Insert
Fireplace Inserts: Replacing your drafty, inefficient masonry fireplace with an electric fireplace insert is the perfect solution to improve your heating efficiency for a warmer cozier home that saves you money. You can choose from traditional or contemporary designs that complement your home décor.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces: Imagine being able to add ambient flame wherever you can hang a picture? These space-saving fireplace designs are a beautiful way to add atmosphere and comfort to any room without taking up any floor space.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are small heaters that are useful and cost-effective for providing supplemental heat to individual rooms or small areas such as offices. Most space heaters are small and compact enough to move from room to room.

Safety is the most important factor for most people when shopping for portable heaters, no matter what room the heater is destined for, and rightly so. Apart from making sure that the space heaters you buy carry a certification such as ETL, UL, or CSA. Built-in safety features such as tip over safety switches, thermal cutoff switches, and cool touch surfaces are also very important. Additionally, you’ll also want to choose a size and style of space heater that’s appropriate for the size and function of your room. You don’t want an electric heater to be closer than three feet from any wall, furniture or fabric as a safety measure.

Space heaters come in three different groups based on heat transfer processes:

Convection Heaters are used to warm the air in a room, not people or objects. Convection space heaters produce heat slowly, but the heat generated lasts for a long time. Convection heaters are quieter than radiant space heaters. These are popular heaters for rooms where you spend a lot of time inside, such as bedrooms.

Radiant Heaters are best for spot heating because they deliver almost instant, focused warmth to people and objects directly, but NOT the entire space. Radiant heaters are suitable for use in offices and small rooms.

Combination Heaters combine the best of both convection and radiant heaters. They use a fan to help circulate warm air throughout the home. Good choice for almost anywhere in your home.

Space Heater Types:

Ceramic Heaters (Convection): Great for personal spaces, offices, and small bedrooms up to 150 square feet, ceramic heaters use ceramic plates and aluminum baffles — Electricity passes through ceramic plates, heating them up. The heat is then absorbed by aluminum baffles, and a fan circulates the focused heat to where it’s needed most within the room.

Oil-filled Radiator Heaters (Convection): This type of heater is extremely quiet and economical. An oil-filled radiator heater provides heat by electrically heating up the diathermic oil that’s permanently sealed inside the unit in an oil reservoir. The diathermic oil will never leak or need to be replaced. Oil-filled radiator heaters are best used for personal spaces and small rooms because they distribute heat as spot heaters by only warming the objects near them.

Micathermic Heaters (Combination): Micathermic heaters are more energy-efficient because because they use 80% convection and 20% reflective heat to quickly warm the air within the room so you’ll feel more comfortable right away. When room temperature reaches the desired level, the remote ECO function automatically cuts one-third of the power usage. Micathermic heaters are also perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers because they don’t recirculate any airborne particles.

Radiant or Quartz Heaters (Radiant): A radiant heater uses an electric-ribbon element or a quartz tube, are ideal for spot heating and consumes very little energy. The heat from radiant heaters is similar to the sun’s rays but it doesn’t circulate well and can’t be used to warm a whole room efficiently as the heat dissipates quickly when the unit is turned off. However, for a short time, they’re more efficient than convection heaters. Radiant heaters are not recommended for bedrooms because they emit a faint red glow which may be bothersome when sleeping.