NewAir AH400 Space Heater With Adjustable Temperature Control

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When the weather turns cold, get a blast of extra heat from the NewAir AH-400 portable space heater. This compact space heater features a flat panel design and is small enough for placing underneath a desk, along a wall, or in a corner, but powerful enough to give you the extra warmth you need. This heater also uses less energy than traditional space heaters and won’t trip circuit breakers.

The NewAir AH-400 is an oil filled heater that uses natural convection to distribute heat.  There’s no internal fan within the unit, making it completely silent. Unique Flat Panel Design

AH-400 is energy efficient, its low wattage helps maintain optimal room temperature. The special diathermic oil within the unit stays warm even after the heater has been turned off. 

The NewAir AH-400 portable space heater has an adjustable thermostat for easy temperature control.Quietly operates so you won’t be disturbed. Built-in safety features include a tip-over switch and automatic shut off in case of overheating.


    NewAir AH400 Space Heater Side View

  • Model: AH-400
  • Product Type: Portable Space Heater
  • Electrical Specs: 120 volts, 400 watts, 3.3 amps, 60 Hz
  • Heater Type: Oil-filled Radiator, Flat Panel
  • Heating Method: Convection
  • Heating Capacity: 1365 BTUs
  • Coverage Area: 40 square feet
  • Number of Heat Settings: 1
  • Built-In Thermostat: Yes
  • Thermostat Type: Dial
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
  • Tip Over Switch: Yes
  • Power Indicator Light: Yes
  • Remote Control: No
  • Programmable Timer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 21.00″ L x 5.00″ W x 16.50″ H
  • Product Weight: 6.45 lbs
  • Certifications: UL
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
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